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So I went to the doctor.

He quickly ruled out an ACL tear (which would have meant surgery and 6month + recovery), which was good. His first thought, after noticing the really weird “poke here, feel debilitating pain THERE, 2 inches away,” was that it was not soft-tissue–which meant bone, which could mean a stress fracture.

So he did an x-ray, but nothing showed up (but stress fractures sometimes don’t)… So it remains a posibility. He also thinks it could possibly be an inflamed meniscus. He honestly couldn’t figure it out–even injected lidocane, no change (which lends itself to being bone-related and not ligament related, but this is the opposite of my “didn’t ice as much, it got way worse” data). Short answer: nobody knows.

The doctor’s orders: if it doesn’t start to get better within 3 weeks (and I’m to stay off it totally until I can walk without pain), I’ll have to go to a *real* hospital to get an MRI.

Those are cheap, right?


Running Schedule 5/24-5/30

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Monday: recovery day after my hard 15 mile run the day before.
Tuesday: 6 mile hill run. Felt good, strong, fast.
Wednesday: Took the day off (again), finals week is brutal for running schedules.
Thursday: rested, was feeling sick, papers to write, etc.
Friday: 3rd day of rest.
Saturday: 8 mile run. More tired than I thought, after 3 days of rest. Stressed week, I’m thinking.
Sunday: :( 17 mile run. Ended up being just over 16.5, at a really strong 8:45 pace. That number is misleading, because the first 2/3rds were at a very comfortable 8:30 pace.

At mile 11, I noticed my knee started to hurt. Left knee, no prior injuries. It was a weird pain, I couldn’t pinpoint it, or even figure out where it came from. It wasn’t sudden, no pop, but a slow build up from just stiffness, and after about half a mile, I actually had to stop to try and stretch it. No dice.

Finished the run, at a slow pace, and still, today is Thursday, no relief. Been icing, ibuprofining, etc, but it doesn’t seem to want to go away. Playing it super safe, no runs this week at all ( D: ), going to see the doctor tomorrow. No swelling, minimal pain–only on contact, or when i step with a certain rotation in my foot. Feels weak, though.

Current theories: either an anterior meniscus ligament inflammation/tear/whatever, or, unfortunately, something with my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). Spent the bulk of today combing knee injury websites, trying to pinpoint what exactly it is in the knee that hurts, and it’s definitely one of those two things. At least in the area where those two things are. The pain is, on this diagram, is either on the ACL (labeled), or the ligament that you can see that’s sitting directly between the ACL and the Patellar tendon.

Will update after I see the doctor tomorrow.

Week of training, 5/17-5/23.

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Man, I have not been keeping this thing updated very well. At least not on the food stuff. Finals week, etc.

Anyway, week of training:

Monday: Rest after the ’12-mile-run-that-took-2:20-because-it-was-bay-to-breakers’ Sunday run.
Tuesday: 6 mile hill run (oh my god SF hills), ~9 minute pace.
Wednesday: Biked, ~12 miles.
Thursday: 8 mile run (with Brandon, wtf).
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 8.17 mi in 59 minutes, ~7:15 pace. This run was too fast–first two miles were at 6:40 pace. I’m still learning to pace well, I guess.
Sunday: 14.5 miles in 128 minutes, ~8:50 pace.

Running mileage for the week: 37 miles.

So, Sunday’s run. First long run over 13 miles, first since the half. It was a really, really hard run. My feet and legs were tired from Saturday (way more tired than I realized), I tried to do it in 8:30 pace (which I probably had for the first half, which gives an idea of how slow the second half was), when I should have been aiming for 9 all along. 9 minutes is 90 seconds slower than my marathon pace, which is the pace I need to be doing, now, during my long runs. So, NINE MINUTE MILES. K, thx.

Also, I didn’t carbo-load Saturday night. Big mistake. I need to get into the habit of carbo-loading every Friday and Saturday, without exception. It was weird, on the run–I was hardcore hungry, eating a couple gu chomps before I was even supposed to. This, compared to the half a few weeks back, where I ate I think 2 chomps total, over the whole run, and felt like it was too much. I was just drained on this run.

This coming week has a 17 miler on Sunday (thankfully no pace run before it though), so I’ll do things a little bit better, and definitely report in on the difference it makes.

General nutrition

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I thought I’d throw out some general nutrition tips and thoughts and experiences I’ve had, in a more general form than “lol this is wut i eat”.

First, on veganism. In the rare situation that people actually ask about what it’s like to eat vegan, it almost always follows a pretty standard form. It is an incredibly common question, “How on earth do you get enough protein as a vegan?!” (if the much less sophisticated question isn’t asked: “LOL what DO you eat?!?“).

The response to this is: believe me, I get so much protein. Sometimes too much. It’s ridiculously easy to get enough, whatever your lifestyle.

First of all, if you’re not doing some sort of musculo-skeletal (ie resistance) training or workout, your protein requirements aren’t even remotely as high as we’re often told needed. That is to say, if you’re a sedentary adult, your protein requirement will be about .4 grams per lb of body weight (source). You can find this information anywhere (even webmd talks about how this is a little bit HIGH).

You can ALSO easily find all the discussion on how eating too much excess protein leads invariably to obesity. Your body, the resourceful little bugger it is, knows (evolutionarily speaking) that protein is awesome. So it tries to save it. Except you don’t store it as protein, you store it as fat. Mmm.

Whereas if you’re an active adult, burning through the fuel and needing muscles to be rebuilt (some types of running, definitely weightlifting, intense yoga, climbing, hard biking, etc), this need DOUBLES. For active adult males, it goes up to ~.7 or .8 per lb of body weight.

MORAL OF THE STORY. Even as an incredibly active adult, (I, for example, weigh 180, and supposedly need 126 grams of protein a day), I get as much protein as I need with only a slight supplementation of my regular diet.

As my metabolism soars (as it has been the past couple weeks, as my week mileage has been steadily pushing over 30, and 2 days a week of strength-building activities), I’m just eating all the time. And everything I eat has at least some protein in it (with Top Ramen being the exception, ahem).

I don’t even think about “oh man I need more protein,” because I just listen to my body. After a hard yoga class, or working out in the gym, I crave protein, hard. The evening after a really long run? I crave a rich, heavy food.

Think about it this way: our bodies are these amazing, near-perfectly evolved mechanisms. Nature knows her shit, for sure. When my body needs a surplus of calories (like after yesterday, when I was running for two hours), or heavy, protein-rich food (like after any exercise where lots of muscle mass has been broken down and needs repair), my appetite follows suit.

This is the key to eating healthy. Just listen to your body! If your body is saying “dude we need more salad,” eat more salad. If it’s craving carbs, eat carbs. If it’s craving heavy, rich food, eat something higher in protein. The key difference here is knowing the difference between what your MOUTH craves, and what your BODY craves. Because they are oh my god so different.

So! Why do I drink Vega?

Well, I almost never eat breakfast. I’m just not hungry in the morning. Some people suggest that you should always eat breakfast (most important meal of….you get the point), while others suggest that you should just eat when you’re hungry. Your body knows best.

So I split the difference. And, as most of my stuff goes, I just experiment, and see how it works. Drinking a smoothie in the morning actually helps a lot. I feel better, stronger, for longer on my runs, it doesn’t drastically affect the rest of my appetite. And I can definitely use the extra protein, as every single run in minimalist shoes is, in essence, an hour+ calf workout.

This is getting too long.

TL;DR version: You don’t need a million grams of protein a day! Don’t over-eat protein, it becomes fat! Listen to your body’s food needs. If you listen carefully, you won’t be steered wrong. Find a BALANCE, and experiment with what works for you.

Week of training, 5/10-5/16.

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Monday: Yoga!
Tuesday: 5 mile run
Wednesday: rest (went to sleep at 9pm, zzz)
Thursday: 8 mile run (took it easy and slow, and still managed 8:15 mile pace. o.O)
Friday: 11 miles on the bike.
Saturday (hey that’s today!): 7 mile run (not a pace, just another easy one)
Sunday: 10 miles scheduled, but I’ll probably do 12, and take 1 mile off the next two long runs (It’s bay to breakers, and I was a few miles short last weekend).

Total running mileage for the week: 32.

Fooding, 5/10.

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Breakfast: Vega!

Lunch: bagel sandwich: tofu, sprouts, hummus, sun-dried tomatoes.
Post lunch: 1 big burrito: black beans/rice/tomato/salsa/spinach/daiya cheese.
Top Ramen! >.>

Pre-dinner: 3 tacos: black beans/rice/tomato/salsa
Dinner: La Corneta! (big bean, spanish rice, avocado, red-salsa burrito), chips.
Post-dinner: About half a caserole dish of LASAGNA. (whole wheat noodles, marinara sauce (from 5/7), spinach, tofu, fried potatoes, onions, garlic, daiya cheese. So good.

Week of training: 5/3-5/9.

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So, in the aftermath of the half-marathon, and the kind-of-too-sore ligaments and muscles in my left tarsals/metatarsals (inside left foot), I took a few days off, for rest.

Monday — rested (should have did yoga, but couldn’ t make it).
Tuesday — rested (had a 5 mile run scheduled, but decided to play it safe, rest)
Wednesday — Weights in the gym. Core, back, shoulders. Biked 11 miles.
Thursday — 7 miles
Friday — rest
Saturday — 7 mile pace run (ran in regular shoes, wanted to give my feet a break). Was aiming for 7:30 pace, but I was tired, my feet felt heavy with those freakin’ shoes, and I was still somewhat recovering from my foot issues. Ended up with an 8min pace.
Sunday — 10 mile run (14 scheduled, but again, trying to take it easy this week)

Next week is my “fall back week,” so I’ll be looking to do everything, get back on track a bit. My foot felt pretty good on my 10mile run today. Just had tired calves by the end.