Fooding, 4/30.

Breakfast: Vega protein shake (high-protein powder from lots of plants like whole grain rice and barley and other things), with banana and chocolate rice milk.

Second Breakfast (pre/post swimming): 2 Clif bars.

Lunch: Some corn/almond milk/avocado/red onion soup. A big bowl. Mostly raw (for extra nutritional value!)
And, uh, a bowl of Top Ramen. Pro-tip: the oriental flavor is the only vegan package of top ramen. And this is totally my vice, and has so much SALT it’s great. (I crave salt like a mo fo when my week mileage gets high–so much sweating).

Dinner: Like 3/4s of a package of pasta, with marinara sauce and nutritional yeast (high in protein and vitamins b6 and 12!) and flax seed oil (high in omega 3s, 6s, 9s!). I guess that was about 3 giant bowls of it, over the course of an hour or two. Busy day on campus, didn’t get to eat as much of a lunch as I would have liked.

Second dinner: More of the soup!


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