Week of training: 5/3-5/9.

So, in the aftermath of the half-marathon, and the kind-of-too-sore ligaments and muscles in my left tarsals/metatarsals (inside left foot), I took a few days off, for rest.

Monday — rested (should have did yoga, but couldn’ t make it).
Tuesday — rested (had a 5 mile run scheduled, but decided to play it safe, rest)
Wednesday — Weights in the gym. Core, back, shoulders. Biked 11 miles.
Thursday — 7 miles
Friday — rest
Saturday — 7 mile pace run (ran in regular shoes, wanted to give my feet a break). Was aiming for 7:30 pace, but I was tired, my feet felt heavy with those freakin’ shoes, and I was still somewhat recovering from my foot issues. Ended up with an 8min pace.
Sunday — 10 mile run (14 scheduled, but again, trying to take it easy this week)

Next week is my “fall back week,” so I’ll be looking to do everything, get back on track a bit. My foot felt pretty good on my 10mile run today. Just had tired calves by the end.


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