So I went to the doctor.

He quickly ruled out an ACL tear (which would have meant surgery and 6month + recovery), which was good. His first thought, after noticing the really weird “poke here, feel debilitating pain THERE, 2 inches away,” was that it was not soft-tissue–which meant bone, which could mean a stress fracture.

So he did an x-ray, but nothing showed up (but stress fractures sometimes don’t)… So it remains a posibility. He also thinks it could possibly be an inflamed meniscus. He honestly couldn’t figure it out–even injected lidocane, no change (which lends itself to being bone-related and not ligament related, but this is the opposite of my “didn’t ice as much, it got way worse” data). Short answer: nobody knows.

The doctor’s orders: if it doesn’t start to get better within 3 weeks (and I’m to stay off it totally until I can walk without pain), I’ll have to go to a *real* hospital to get an MRI.

Those are cheap, right?


2 Responses to “Injured!”

  1. crutch-ing is so totally cross-training.

  2. It’s almost been three weeks! Any news?

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