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The week so far: 4/25-4/30

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This week, my 4th week of training (of 16, it’s a little bit accelerated, had a late start), went basically as follows.

Monday: Rested (long, 11 mile run the day before).
Tuesday: 4 mile run.
Wednesday: Rested (forgot to bring workout clothes for the gym/pool! Whoops.)
Thursday: 7 mile run. Biked 11 miles.
Friday: Swam ~800 meters in the pool (~20 minutes).

A few notes: Monday is generally my yoga day, which is incredibly good for cross training. It keeps the muscles in your legs and feet loose and strong, and builds up core strength (abs). All incredibly important for endurance running.

Swimming is a great cross trainer as well. It’s a full-body workout, cardio, and you can get a really great workout in a short amount of time (at least, if you’re in as bad swimming shape as I am).

For the rest of the week:

Saturday: 6 mile run.
Sunday: Half Marathon (13.1) in Humboldt County. My first official “half,” so I’m excited. Will also be my first time running over 10 miles in my new shoes.


Marathon Schedule

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I suppose a few more introductory things are in order.

First, my training schedule. I do three “short” runs during the week (T, Th, Sat), and then my long run of the week on Sunday.

For this little list, I’ll put the date of the Sunday long run, how long it is, and then how many miles are run altogether during that week.

4/11 – 7 miles (13 total for the week)
4/18 – 9 miles (19 total)
4/25 – 11 miles (split into two runs) (23)

5/2 – 13 miles (avenue of the giants half marathon) (30)
5/9 – 14 miles (33)
5/16 – 10 miles (30)

5/23 – 16 miles (38)
5/30 – 17 miles (39)
6/6 – 12 miles (35)

6/13 – 18 miles (42)
6/20 – 20 miles (47)
6/27 – 12 miles (31)

7/4 – 20 miles (47)
7/11 – 12 miles (begin taper here) (30)
7/18 – 8 miles (22)

7/25 – RACE! (8 miles leading up to the race)

A few brief words on the training schedule. Note the Sunday runs: increase, increase, step back. Increase, increase, step back. The idea behind this is to build up, but give yourself a week to rest, every now and again.

I try to get the big miles done on Thursday, Tuesdays are generally a bit of a recovery day for me. For example, the week of 5/16 has me running 5 miles on Tuesday, 8 on Thursday, and 7 on Saturday, before the 10 miler on Sunday.

I never run more than 7 miles on a Tuesday (even when the mileage is really high), and go up to 10 miles on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Saturdays, or any day of running THE DAY BEFORE the long run is important to PUSH. I run [about 80% of] them at “race pace,” that is to say, if I think I’m going to be running 8 minute miles in the race (which is my current goal), I’m doing my Saturday run at that pace. The point of this is to tire the body out, so that when you do the long run the next day, you are forcing yourself to conserve energy. It’s super important to take your long runs at a slower pace. What’s important is the mileage on these runs, not your speed.

I’m generally doing two days of cross training (yoga on Mondays, weights or swimming on Wednesdays), and take Fridays off.

For more detailed information on Marathon Scheduling, Hal Higdon has an amazing comprehensive guide that you can find here.