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Posted in running info with tags , , on May 17, 2010 by naight

I thought I’d throw out some general nutrition tips and thoughts and experiences I’ve had, in a more general form than “lol this is wut i eat”.

First, on veganism. In the rare situation that people actually ask about what it’s like to eat vegan, it almost always follows a pretty standard form. It is an incredibly common question, “How on earth do you get enough protein as a vegan?!” (if the much less sophisticated question isn’t asked: “LOL what DO you eat?!?“).

The response to this is: believe me, I get so much protein. Sometimes too much. It’s ridiculously easy to get enough, whatever your lifestyle.

First of all, if you’re not doing some sort of musculo-skeletal (ie resistance) training or workout, your protein requirements aren’t even remotely as high as we’re often told needed. That is to say, if you’re a sedentary adult, your protein requirement will be about .4 grams per lb of body weight (source). You can find this information anywhere (even webmd talks about how this is a little bit HIGH).

You can ALSO easily find all the discussion on how eating too much excess protein leads invariably to obesity. Your body, the resourceful little bugger it is, knows (evolutionarily speaking) that protein is awesome. So it tries to save it. Except you don’t store it as protein, you store it as fat. Mmm.

Whereas if you’re an active adult, burning through the fuel and needing muscles to be rebuilt (some types of running, definitely weightlifting, intense yoga, climbing, hard biking, etc), this need DOUBLES. For active adult males, it goes up to ~.7 or .8 per lb of body weight.

MORAL OF THE STORY. Even as an incredibly active adult, (I, for example, weigh 180, and supposedly need 126 grams of protein a day), I get as much protein as I need with only a slight supplementation of my regular diet.

As my metabolism soars (as it has been the past couple weeks, as my week mileage has been steadily pushing over 30, and 2 days a week of strength-building activities), I’m just eating all the time. And everything I eat has at least some protein in it (with Top Ramen being the exception, ahem).

I don’t even think about “oh man I need more protein,” because I just listen to my body. After a hard yoga class, or working out in the gym, I crave protein, hard. The evening after a really long run? I crave a rich, heavy food.

Think about it this way: our bodies are these amazing, near-perfectly evolved mechanisms. Nature knows her shit, for sure. When my body needs a surplus of calories (like after yesterday, when I was running for two hours), or heavy, protein-rich food (like after any exercise where lots of muscle mass has been broken down and needs repair), my appetite follows suit.

This is the key to eating healthy. Just listen to your body! If your body is saying “dude we need more salad,” eat more salad. If it’s craving carbs, eat carbs. If it’s craving heavy, rich food, eat something higher in protein. The key difference here is knowing the difference between what your MOUTH craves, and what your BODY craves. Because they are oh my god so different.

So! Why do I drink Vega?

Well, I almost never eat breakfast. I’m just not hungry in the morning. Some people suggest that you should always eat breakfast (most important meal of….you get the point), while others suggest that you should just eat when you’re hungry. Your body knows best.

So I split the difference. And, as most of my stuff goes, I just experiment, and see how it works. Drinking a smoothie in the morning actually helps a lot. I feel better, stronger, for longer on my runs, it doesn’t drastically affect the rest of my appetite. And I can definitely use the extra protein, as every single run in minimalist shoes is, in essence, an hour+ calf workout.

This is getting too long.

TL;DR version: You don’t need a million grams of protein a day! Don’t over-eat protein, it becomes fat! Listen to your body’s food needs. If you listen carefully, you won’t be steered wrong. Find a BALANCE, and experiment with what works for you.


Fooding, 5/10.

Posted in meals with tags on May 11, 2010 by naight

Breakfast: Vega!

Lunch: bagel sandwich: tofu, sprouts, hummus, sun-dried tomatoes.
Post lunch: 1 big burrito: black beans/rice/tomato/salsa/spinach/daiya cheese.
Top Ramen! >.>

Pre-dinner: 3 tacos: black beans/rice/tomato/salsa
Dinner: La Corneta! (big bean, spanish rice, avocado, red-salsa burrito), chips.
Post-dinner: About half a caserole dish of LASAGNA. (whole wheat noodles, marinara sauce (from 5/7), spinach, tofu, fried potatoes, onions, garlic, daiya cheese. So good.

Foods, 5/8.

Posted in meals with tags on May 9, 2010 by naight

Breakfast: Vegaaaaaaaaaaa

Lunch: giant bowl of pasta + marinara
Post-lunch: second bowl of pasta.

Dinner: 2 bean, rice, tomato, daiya non-cheese, salsa, spinach.
Post-dinner: probably half a bag of tortilla chips + salsa at the movies (Iron Man, rawr).

Fooding, 5/7.

Posted in meals with tags on May 8, 2010 by naight

Breakfast: Vega protein shake (as per usual).

Lunch: 3 burritos: bean, rice, tomato, spinach, oatmeal cheese (seriously so good, don’t remember the brand–“we can’t say it’s cheese” or something), nutritional yeast.
Post lunch: Top Ramen. ^.^

Dinner: 2 big bowls of pasta with marinara sauce (tomatoes, red bell pepper, basil, carrot, onion, garlic, spices).
Post-dinner: 1 more bowl of it!

Fooding, 5/6.

Posted in meals with tags on May 7, 2010 by naight

Breakfast: shredded wheat/strawberry cereal in soy milk (yum).

Pre-lunch: 1 Tofurkey Italian sausage.
Lunch: BIG bowl of pasta shells with aforementioned pesto.
Post-lunch: Vega protein shake (with banana and choc. rice milk)

Pre-dinner: Bowl of salad (leftover from 5/4). Top Ramen.
Dinner: 2 burritos–refried black beans (black beans, chipotle peppers, onions, garlic, cilantro, spices), spanish rice, tomatoes, daiya vegan cheese, salsa, spinach.

Fooding, 5/5.

Posted in meals with tags on May 6, 2010 by naight

Breakfast: Vega protein shake (protein powder, banana, chocolate rice milk).

Lunch: Another half of that pizza from 5/4.
Post-lunch: 2 clif bars (pre and post weightlifting in the gym)

Pre-dinner: A big thing of sort-of-nachos from the buffet on campus: ~2 pounds of tortilla chips, rice, black beans, refried beans, salsa fresca, guacamole, and corn.

Dinner: Two bagel sandwiches with tofu, hummus, sprouts, and sun-dried tomatoes.

Post-dinner: 1 bowl of pasta (shells) with vegan pesto (same pesto from 5/4).

Fooding, 5/4.

Posted in meals with tags on May 5, 2010 by naight

Okay, so I have a bunch to talk about regarding this weekend’s race and such, but I don’t have much time now, and I’m getting backlogged on food journal! So, without further ado, yesterday’s fooding.

Breakfast: Large black-bean-and-poblano-chili taco + grilled onions and fake awesome cheese (from a vegan restaurant the night before) (ps breakfast of champions).

Pre-lunch: Half a loaf of some herb bread from Rainbow. Maybe a little more than half.
Lunch: Top Ramen (nom nom nom), 1 fake italian “sausage,” by Tofurkey. Seriously these things are incredible.

Pre-dinner: 2 bowls of salad: spinach, red bell pepper, red onion, cucumber, tomato, vinaigrette dressing.
Dinner: Homemade pizza (from scratch!): bread flour/cornmeal crust, pesto (basil/walnuts/nutritional yeast/olive oil/salt/cayenne/garlic), topped with artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, daiya vegan cheese, spinach, red bell pepper, and red onion. Ate about half a pizza (say, 3 standard pizza slices).