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Posted in running info with tags on June 4, 2010 by naight

So I went to the doctor.

He quickly ruled out an ACL tear (which would have meant surgery and 6month + recovery), which was good. His first thought, after noticing the really weird “poke here, feel debilitating pain THERE, 2 inches away,” was that it was not soft-tissue–which meant bone, which could mean a stress fracture.

So he did an x-ray, but nothing showed up (but stress fractures sometimes don’t)… So it remains a posibility. He also thinks it could possibly be an inflamed meniscus. He honestly couldn’t figure it out–even injected lidocane, no change (which lends itself to being bone-related and not ligament related, but this is the opposite of my “didn’t ice as much, it got way worse” data). Short answer: nobody knows.

The doctor’s orders: if it doesn’t start to get better within 3 weeks (and I’m to stay off it totally until I can walk without pain), I’ll have to go to a *real* hospital to get an MRI.

Those are cheap, right?


Running Schedule 5/24-5/30

Posted in running info with tags , , on June 3, 2010 by naight

Monday: recovery day after my hard 15 mile run the day before.
Tuesday: 6 mile hill run. Felt good, strong, fast.
Wednesday: Took the day off (again), finals week is brutal for running schedules.
Thursday: rested, was feeling sick, papers to write, etc.
Friday: 3rd day of rest.
Saturday: 8 mile run. More tired than I thought, after 3 days of rest. Stressed week, I’m thinking.
Sunday: :( 17 mile run. Ended up being just over 16.5, at a really strong 8:45 pace. That number is misleading, because the first 2/3rds were at a very comfortable 8:30 pace.

At mile 11, I noticed my knee started to hurt. Left knee, no prior injuries. It was a weird pain, I couldn’t pinpoint it, or even figure out where it came from. It wasn’t sudden, no pop, but a slow build up from just stiffness, and after about half a mile, I actually had to stop to try and stretch it. No dice.

Finished the run, at a slow pace, and still, today is Thursday, no relief. Been icing, ibuprofining, etc, but it doesn’t seem to want to go away. Playing it super safe, no runs this week at all ( D: ), going to see the doctor tomorrow. No swelling, minimal pain–only on contact, or when i step with a certain rotation in my foot. Feels weak, though.

Current theories: either an anterior meniscus ligament inflammation/tear/whatever, or, unfortunately, something with my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). Spent the bulk of today combing knee injury websites, trying to pinpoint what exactly it is in the knee that hurts, and it’s definitely one of those two things. At least in the area where those two things are. The pain is, on this diagram, is either on the ACL (labeled), or the ligament that you can see that’s sitting directly between the ACL and the Patellar tendon.

Will update after I see the doctor tomorrow.