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Running Schedule 5/24-5/30

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Monday: recovery day after my hard 15 mile run the day before.
Tuesday: 6 mile hill run. Felt good, strong, fast.
Wednesday: Took the day off (again), finals week is brutal for running schedules.
Thursday: rested, was feeling sick, papers to write, etc.
Friday: 3rd day of rest.
Saturday: 8 mile run. More tired than I thought, after 3 days of rest. Stressed week, I’m thinking.
Sunday: :( 17 mile run. Ended up being just over 16.5, at a really strong 8:45 pace. That number is misleading, because the first 2/3rds were at a very comfortable 8:30 pace.

At mile 11, I noticed my knee started to hurt. Left knee, no prior injuries. It was a weird pain, I couldn’t pinpoint it, or even figure out where it came from. It wasn’t sudden, no pop, but a slow build up from just stiffness, and after about half a mile, I actually had to stop to try and stretch it. No dice.

Finished the run, at a slow pace, and still, today is Thursday, no relief. Been icing, ibuprofining, etc, but it doesn’t seem to want to go away. Playing it super safe, no runs this week at all ( D: ), going to see the doctor tomorrow. No swelling, minimal pain–only on contact, or when i step with a certain rotation in my foot. Feels weak, though.

Current theories: either an anterior meniscus ligament inflammation/tear/whatever, or, unfortunately, something with my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). Spent the bulk of today combing knee injury websites, trying to pinpoint what exactly it is in the knee that hurts, and it’s definitely one of those two things. At least in the area where those two things are. The pain is, on this diagram, is either on the ACL (labeled), or the ligament that you can see that’s sitting directly between the ACL and the Patellar tendon.

Will update after I see the doctor tomorrow.


Week of training, 5/17-5/23.

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Man, I have not been keeping this thing updated very well. At least not on the food stuff. Finals week, etc.

Anyway, week of training:

Monday: Rest after the ’12-mile-run-that-took-2:20-because-it-was-bay-to-breakers’ Sunday run.
Tuesday: 6 mile hill run (oh my god SF hills), ~9 minute pace.
Wednesday: Biked, ~12 miles.
Thursday: 8 mile run (with Brandon, wtf).
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 8.17 mi in 59 minutes, ~7:15 pace. This run was too fast–first two miles were at 6:40 pace. I’m still learning to pace well, I guess.
Sunday: 14.5 miles in 128 minutes, ~8:50 pace.

Running mileage for the week: 37 miles.

So, Sunday’s run. First long run over 13 miles, first since the half. It was a really, really hard run. My feet and legs were tired from Saturday (way more tired than I realized), I tried to do it in 8:30 pace (which I probably had for the first half, which gives an idea of how slow the second half was), when I should have been aiming for 9 all along. 9 minutes is 90 seconds slower than my marathon pace, which is the pace I need to be doing, now, during my long runs. So, NINE MINUTE MILES. K, thx.

Also, I didn’t carbo-load Saturday night. Big mistake. I need to get into the habit of carbo-loading every Friday and Saturday, without exception. It was weird, on the run–I was hardcore hungry, eating a couple gu chomps before I was even supposed to. This, compared to the half a few weeks back, where I ate I think 2 chomps total, over the whole run, and felt like it was too much. I was just drained on this run.

This coming week has a 17 miler on Sunday (thankfully no pace run before it though), so I’ll do things a little bit better, and definitely report in on the difference it makes.

Week of training, 5/10-5/16.

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Monday: Yoga!
Tuesday: 5 mile run
Wednesday: rest (went to sleep at 9pm, zzz)
Thursday: 8 mile run (took it easy and slow, and still managed 8:15 mile pace. o.O)
Friday: 11 miles on the bike.
Saturday (hey that’s today!): 7 mile run (not a pace, just another easy one)
Sunday: 10 miles scheduled, but I’ll probably do 12, and take 1 mile off the next two long runs (It’s bay to breakers, and I was a few miles short last weekend).

Total running mileage for the week: 32.

Week of training: 5/3-5/9.

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So, in the aftermath of the half-marathon, and the kind-of-too-sore ligaments and muscles in my left tarsals/metatarsals (inside left foot), I took a few days off, for rest.

Monday — rested (should have did yoga, but couldn’ t make it).
Tuesday — rested (had a 5 mile run scheduled, but decided to play it safe, rest)
Wednesday — Weights in the gym. Core, back, shoulders. Biked 11 miles.
Thursday — 7 miles
Friday — rest
Saturday — 7 mile pace run (ran in regular shoes, wanted to give my feet a break). Was aiming for 7:30 pace, but I was tired, my feet felt heavy with those freakin’ shoes, and I was still somewhat recovering from my foot issues. Ended up with an 8min pace.
Sunday — 10 mile run (14 scheduled, but again, trying to take it easy this week)

Next week is my “fall back week,” so I’ll be looking to do everything, get back on track a bit. My foot felt pretty good on my 10mile run today. Just had tired calves by the end.

“Running is 90% mental and 10% mental.”

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So, this past Sunday was the Avenue of the Giants half marathon.

I honestly had no idea what was going to happen, going into this. I had never run a solo-half before (though certainly many runs over 13 miles training for the first marathon, 6 months ago).

To complicate things, I was pretty exhausted. I hadn’t had a day of rest since Wednesday, and the 6 mile run I did on Saturday really tired me out, and had caused the deep bruise in my left foot to flare up (AGAIN). Gotta stop doing runs in regular shoes! Always makes it worse!

To FURTHER complicate things, I didn’t really have much rest the night before. I just didn’t sleep well in the hotel up in “Garberville” or wherever we were. Maybe 5-6 hours of sleep, total.

I thought, alright, let’s see if we can somehow pull of an 8min mile pace. I didn’t think I’d be able to maintain it, but wanted to try really hard to have even splits for the first and last 6.5 miles.

So, for the actual run, imagine my surprise when I looked down at my watch at mile 2, right as it ticked 15 minutes even. “Shit,” I thought. “I’m gonna have to tell everyone that my time is so shitty because I started out so fast.”

But, as the miles 3 and 4 creeped by, and I was able to hold the same pace, I fell into stride with a wonderful older lady (I found out later her name was Ann, she was 52, and such a sweetheart), and decided that I could just go for it.

The pace felt good enough that I was able to keep up conversation with her from time to time (50% of our talking was about my shoes, frankly), and I was even able to take 30 second walk breaks at each aid station and then catch back up.

Interesting note: at the second aid station, at mile 4 or so, I fell behind her about 75yards maybe, and spent the better part of half a mile trying to catch up. After “trying” for maybe 3 or 4 minutes, I wasn’t any closer than 50 yards, still, and had a very definitive moment. “Shit,” I thought. “If I don’t catch her, this is going to be exactly like the marathon–lose the pace group, lose motivation, finish way slower than I’d like.”

“So, NO,” I thought, “don’t let her get away!” So I picked up the pace, and slowly caught back up. Which was awesome, because once I caught her, I was able to just go back into ‘coast’ mode. So, when we crossed the “turn-around” point at mile 6.5, at pretty much the exact same time, we were 49 minutes in, on the dot. I realized I was JUST behind the 7:30 pace (I had lost 30 seconds over the course of 6.5 miles), but I felt great.

So did Ann, apparently, because I slowly started pushing a bit harder, and she most definitely kept up. And on the return trip, same thing: walked every aid station (30 seconds), and slowly caught up to her again.

At mile 12, I still felt good. My calves and feet were really tired (the longest I had run in those shoes so far was just 7 miles), but no real complaints. I had just about caught back up to the 7:30 pace (those 30 seconds had almost been whittled back off the time–we crossed the 12 mile mark at ~1:30:05–just 5 seconds over now!).

So, I decided to just GO for it. I started to really pick up the pace for the last mile. Funnily enough, this lasted about half the mile, because the whole last mile was a very slow uphill, and I got pretty tired pretty quick, and decided to just do a comfortable push, not really “let’s go be awesome” push.

Finish line time: 1:37:43. Overall, a 7:27 pace–which was a faster second half!

A few notes on a few things.

I ran these in my Vibram KSOs. As mentioned, this was my first race in them, indeed my first run over 7 miles. I was about 4 weeks into the training.

I felt great at the time, but in these few days after, my legs/feet have been paying the price a little bit. I’m sore in a bad way in my left foot (still), but it’s just a slight over-use strain, I think. I’ve been keeping my foot taped up (to hold it together, as when I put down pressure on it, and the tarsals spread, this is what leads to the pain), and it’s been helping.

Also feeling some slight irritation in my achilles tendon in both ankles, but this is more of a “I’m just sore, this’ll pass quickly” kinda thing.

The shoes are wonderful, though. I had like 9 million people ask me questions about them as I was running/before running/after running, and I even saw 4 other people during that day who were wearing them. It was pretty great.

As for aid station stops, the notion here is to take a slight break every 2 miles or so (whenever the aid stations are). These breaks serve two purposes. One, you can drink water more easily, not spill it everywhere, not get wet, etc.

Two, and more importantly, it allows you a slight breather. Allowing yourself, say, 13-18 walk breaks over the course of a marathon (of 30 seconds, at approx. half your running speed), is, on average, 15×15 seconds of time, total, lost. So, about 3-4 minutes longer for your overall run, but imagine the benefit: instead of running 26 miles in one go, you’re just doing 13-15 ~2 mile runs, with a slight breather between. The difference may sound marginal, or even counter-intuitive, but it’s a widely-used strategy. Obviously the elite of the elite don’t, but people have run sub 2:20 races walking through every aid station. I can’t recommend the walking strategy highly enough.

The week so far: 4/25-4/30

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This week, my 4th week of training (of 16, it’s a little bit accelerated, had a late start), went basically as follows.

Monday: Rested (long, 11 mile run the day before).
Tuesday: 4 mile run.
Wednesday: Rested (forgot to bring workout clothes for the gym/pool! Whoops.)
Thursday: 7 mile run. Biked 11 miles.
Friday: Swam ~800 meters in the pool (~20 minutes).

A few notes: Monday is generally my yoga day, which is incredibly good for cross training. It keeps the muscles in your legs and feet loose and strong, and builds up core strength (abs). All incredibly important for endurance running.

Swimming is a great cross trainer as well. It’s a full-body workout, cardio, and you can get a really great workout in a short amount of time (at least, if you’re in as bad swimming shape as I am).

For the rest of the week:

Saturday: 6 mile run.
Sunday: Half Marathon (13.1) in Humboldt County. My first official “half,” so I’m excited. Will also be my first time running over 10 miles in my new shoes.

Marathon Schedule

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I suppose a few more introductory things are in order.

First, my training schedule. I do three “short” runs during the week (T, Th, Sat), and then my long run of the week on Sunday.

For this little list, I’ll put the date of the Sunday long run, how long it is, and then how many miles are run altogether during that week.

4/11 – 7 miles (13 total for the week)
4/18 – 9 miles (19 total)
4/25 – 11 miles (split into two runs) (23)

5/2 – 13 miles (avenue of the giants half marathon) (30)
5/9 – 14 miles (33)
5/16 – 10 miles (30)

5/23 – 16 miles (38)
5/30 – 17 miles (39)
6/6 – 12 miles (35)

6/13 – 18 miles (42)
6/20 – 20 miles (47)
6/27 – 12 miles (31)

7/4 – 20 miles (47)
7/11 – 12 miles (begin taper here) (30)
7/18 – 8 miles (22)

7/25 – RACE! (8 miles leading up to the race)

A few brief words on the training schedule. Note the Sunday runs: increase, increase, step back. Increase, increase, step back. The idea behind this is to build up, but give yourself a week to rest, every now and again.

I try to get the big miles done on Thursday, Tuesdays are generally a bit of a recovery day for me. For example, the week of 5/16 has me running 5 miles on Tuesday, 8 on Thursday, and 7 on Saturday, before the 10 miler on Sunday.

I never run more than 7 miles on a Tuesday (even when the mileage is really high), and go up to 10 miles on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Saturdays, or any day of running THE DAY BEFORE the long run is important to PUSH. I run [about 80% of] them at “race pace,” that is to say, if I think I’m going to be running 8 minute miles in the race (which is my current goal), I’m doing my Saturday run at that pace. The point of this is to tire the body out, so that when you do the long run the next day, you are forcing yourself to conserve energy. It’s super important to take your long runs at a slower pace. What’s important is the mileage on these runs, not your speed.

I’m generally doing two days of cross training (yoga on Mondays, weights or swimming on Wednesdays), and take Fridays off.

For more detailed information on Marathon Scheduling, Hal Higdon has an amazing comprehensive guide that you can find here.